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Yana Warrior Cuff

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Lenga Coiled Brass

Bold brass and dark leather wraps add a statement of strength to these broad horn loops.  Our artisans have given each bracelet its own hand-crafted identity that will add natural potency to your wardrobe (price per single bracelet).
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Yundo Horn Bangle

Brass Hammer finished chain linked big link chain with brass detailing and toggle clasp. High polished brass. Handmade by East African artisans. One size fits all.
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Aibu Tri Bangle

Natural colored beautiful horn with the glitz of hammered brass to create this bangle set that suits every situation: From the fashionable executive to the active mother of three. handmade in East Africa from upcycled Ankole horn and natural materials. This one of a kind bangle will set you apart from the crowd.
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Alanu Stone Bangle

Semi-precious stones steal the show on this richly colored bracelet. Jewels hand-set in each piece by native artisans. Every element naturally sourced in Africa—upcycled horn and  semi-precious stone (price per single bracelet).
$125.00 Select options
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Pendo Leather Cuff

The naturally toned buffalo horn with brass weighted genuine leather straps provide this cuff with a flare of uniqueness. Which can be augment whatever look you're sporting, wear as a single piece or layered. This bangle can surely find a place on your wrist for each piece is hand carved from natural horn, slight color variations may occur. Each bangle is one of a kind and a beautiful addition to your attire (price per single bracelet).
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Olive Wooden Bangle

Add a touch of tribal elegance to any outfit with this remarkably handmade bracelet from African artisans. This exquisite bracelet is made from natural olive wood. A unique bracelet and a wonderful addition to any jewelry collection. As this item is hand carved from natural materials slight variations should be expected.
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Coconut Palm Cuff

This naturally elegant handcrafted coconut palm cuff provides your wardrobe with a hint of tribal fashion.
$16.00 Read more
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Shuka Charm Bracelet

This is a bracelet is a wearable conversation piece. Each bracelet is an original piece. It’s a balance of playfully smart and casual accessory. With the coiled wire insert bracelets are one size fits all. As each bracelet is designed without a pattern each one is unique and no two made identical.
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Fupa Light Coiled Horn

Slim amber rings of Ankole and buffalo horn provide a harmonious setting for carefully hand-crafted wraps of brass and locally sourced leather. Choose dark or light amber rings. Either ring-and-wrap combination brings provocative charm to your arm (price per single bracelet).
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Tandy Maasai Horn Bangle

These stunning concentric circles of hand-inlaid traditional tribal beading never fail to grab admiring attention. Set on smooth horn bangles with three eye-catching circular arrays of beads on each piece.
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