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Matumi Hoops

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Multicolor Maasai Spiked Horn Earrings

Truly unique and distinctive, this pair of earrings is designed to fuse the colors of the Maasai community from East Africa. The variety of colors provides an array of options when matching outfits for style and color.
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Pyramid Drop Earrings

With a subtle nod to the ancient pyramids, these striking earrings feature a hand-inlaid ellipsis of three brass points on each triangular surface. Basic black with harmonious waves of lighter shades run through each slender, natively sourced horn pendant.
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Maasai Disc Earrings

Raw upcycled buffalo bone disc accented with traditional Maasai tribal colored beads. Inspired and handmade by indigenous East African artisans. These earrings represent a balance between playful and trendy. As each item is hand crafted from natural materials slight variations should be expected and admired.
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Chaguo Earrings

Bright brass crescent earrings with brass lever back ear wires. These handcrafted brass earrings are handmade in of East Africa. Materials used have been sourced from within the borders and are individually sculpted, small variations in shape, color and size are to be expected and treasured. These earrings will bring a sparkle in the dullest room.
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Oval Horn Hoop with Brass Spike

An amber brass spike accents each teardrop loop of African Ankole and buffalo horn. The pair come suspended from squares of horn. Their shades span the spectrum and blend beautifully in every hand-crafted combination.
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Arofa Horn Earrings

Attentively hand-formed spirals of thin, bright, brass wire swivel freely from diamond-shaped rectangles of soft, white, artistically etched Ankole and buffalo horn. Tiny dark beads add just the right touch of contrast between each elegant element.
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Reflective Bone and Brass Triangles

Reflective triangular earrings, each made of buffalo bone and brass, are joined by brass rings to form a symmetrical diamond shape that flickers as you move. Hangs from a handmade brass hook. As these earrings are handmade form natural materials slight variations should be treasured.
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Dark Horn Spiked Earrings

These casually unique dark horn earrings are hand carved into precious spiked shapes that daintily dangle to enhance any wardrobe. They are handmade with naturally shed rods of reclaimed horn fastened onto handmade brass links.
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Red Maasai Spiked Horn Earrings

Carved from the tremendous Ankole & Buffalo horns found in East Africa. Each earring is hand cut from a different part of the horn, making every pair truly unique.  Always a simple chic look, these upcycled Horn Hoop Earrings are accented by a touch of brass for a bit of sparkle.
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