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Green Maasai Beaded Choker Necklace

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Multi Strand Brass Necklace

These tastefully hand-hewn brass rivulets trickle casually from two distinctive rings of brass. One the most unpretentiously chic arrangements we've found in our search of homespun African jewelry. Let these golden strands turn admiring eyes your way.
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Half White Bone Beaded Necklace

The uniquely designed necklace is meticulous handcrafted represents high polished upcycled cow horn used to create it. These hanging pieces of hand polished natural bone from a brass chain, meticulous handcrafted necklace represents the natural colors of the high polished upcycled bone used to create it. From the fashionable executive to the active mother of three. handmade in East Africa from upcycled Ankole horn and natural materials. This one of a kind necklace will set you apart from the crowd.
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Hekuba Bone Necklace

Natural colored, hand-carved bone cubes and spheres tangle and harmonize with hand-formed brass links in this elegantly captivating necklace accented with hints of mahogany and amber. A breathtakingly beautiful and sophisticated work of art from the heart of Africa.
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Jaylaa Brown Bone Necklace

Chic, edgy, eye-catching, on trend, dramatic and definitely statement worthy. Worn with a strapless black dress, you will be turning heads.   Carved from the tremendous Ankole & Buffalo horns found in East Africa. Made from upcycled materials and locally sourced materials in Africa. This versatile piece can be styled in several ways to match any look.   Style it as a customizable scarf necklace or use it as a simple belt. Your options are limitless.
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Refu Disked Horn Necklace

This edgy, eye-catching, on trend, dramatic and definitely statement worthy. Designed by East African Artisans, this disked horn necklace is wonderful addition to spice up your wardrobe with this incredibly unique necklace. Handcrafted out of upcycled horn and African glass beads, the necklace is statement necklace is a testament not only to resourcefulness of our artisans, but to the power of incredible design to emerge from unlikely places.
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Charmed Maasai Beaded Necklace

A colorful riot of naturally sourced and upcycled glass beads scramble for attention in this charmingly audacious display of untamed whimsy. Perfect for making an unmistakably loud and proud statement color and clout, charm and cheek.
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Wakati Pendant Necklace

A chain of fanciful, oval emblems decreasing in size and orientation drop whimsically from a hand-fashioned chain of brass. This playful display of eccentricity comes from the native imagination of a Wakati artisan with a flair for the symbolic.
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Yuni Butterfly Necklace

This lively, three-ringed circus of bright and beautiful, natural bone and dazzling glass beads proudly sets of the signature ornament of each necklace. An explosion of baubles capriciously selected and fashioned by African artisans, designed to instantly brighten your attitude.
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Popo Coconut Necklace

This simply elegant necklace sports a half dozen exquisite spheres of coconut gracefully presented on a dainty, hand-crafted brass chain. Our African artisans offer one of their most beautifully sensitive works of art to showcase the region's finest indigenous resources.
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Moshi Bone Necklace

This uniquely designed necklace is meticulous handcrafted and represents the natural color of the highly polished upcycled cow horn used to create it. From the fashionable executive to the active mother of three, this one of a kind necklace will set you apart from the crowd.
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